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Four ways to get active in Hopkinsville this July!

The Greenway Rail Trail!

Get your Vitamin D in and take a hike on the Greenway Rail Trail!

Did you know that the Hopkinsville Greenway Rail Trail holds the title of the longest pedestrian bridge in the state of Kentucky? Phase 1 of this impressive trail spans 3.15 miles, stretching from the existing Riverwalk to Pardue Lane. But that's not all – Phase 2 adds another 1.7 miles to the Greenway System, making it an expansive network that beckons both locals and visitors alike to explore.

This expansion isn't just a feat of engineering; it's a testament to the vision and dedication of the Hopkinsville-Christian County WINS Initiative. The trailheads for Phase 2 are strategically located at various points, including Downtown Renaissance Walk, Main Linewalk, and Pardue Lane Park, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all.

Why should you lace up your sneakers and hit the Greenway Trail this July? Well, for starters, it's the perfect setting to embrace an active lifestyle. Whether you're accompanied by your loyal four-legged companion for a leisurely stroll or pumping up the volume for an exciting run, the great outdoors awaits. And the Greenway Rail Trail delivers on every front – from shaded spots offering rest from the summer sun to well-maintained restrooms and ample parking, not to mention the beautiful landscaping that surrounds you.

For your convenience, here's a list of the trailheads along with their corresponding locations:

  • Downtown Renaissance Walk @ HPD: 112 W 1st Street

  • Downtown Renaissance Walk @ Intersection of Riverfront Drive & W 2nd Street

  • Downtown Renaissance Walk @ Little River Park: 711 Bethel Street

  • Downtown Renaissance Walk @ Library: 1003 Bethel Street

  • Bethel Street Riverwalk @ Westside Park: 551 W 9th Street

  • Riverwalk @ North Drive: 450 North Drive

  • Main Linewalk @ Intersection of the trail and W 15th Street

  • Main Linewalk @ Intersection of the trail and Canton Pkwy (KY 272)

  • Main Linewalk @ Intersection of the trail and Faulkner Drive

  • Main Linewalk @ Intersection of the trail and Cox Mill Rd (KY 695)

  • Main Linewalk @ Pardue Lane Park and Restroom: 151 Pardue Lane

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your water bottle, lace up those shoes, and embark on an adventure along the Hopkinsville Greenway Rail Trail. It's time to make the most of July and embrace the outdoors!

The beautiful Greenery at Riverfront Park in downtown Hopkinsville

Hopkinsville: Where Fitness Meets History!

Hopkinsville's downtown area is packed with history waiting to be explored, making it the ideal spot to combine a bit of exercise with a dose of education. Take a casual walk through downtown and check out its historic sites and nearby parks.

Westside Park, located near the Christian County Justice Center, is another spot to add to your walking tour. Originally gifted to the city in 1909, it's a reminder of Hopkinsville's past and provides a green space for relaxation.

Little River Park, nestled downtown on Bethel Street, offers a peaceful retreat along the Little River. With sidewalks, rose beds, and a fountain spread across its 2.78 acres, it's definitely worth a visit.

Finally, don't miss Riverfront Park, situated at 116 W First St. It features a playground for kids, plenty of greenery for adults, and amenities like benches and restrooms.

So, grab your sneakers and explore Hopkinsville's blend of history and outdoor beauty this July!

Dribble, Shoot, Score: Basketball Fun in Hopkinsville!

Hey, hoop enthusiasts! If you're looking for a fun way to break a sweat and stay active, look no further than basketball. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, hitting the courts is a great way to get your heart pumping and your muscles moving.

Hopkinsville boasts a fantastic spot for basketball, the Sportsplex! Conveniently located at 155 Tilley Way, this indoor facility offers the perfect setting for some hoops action. And with the scorching July sun beating down outside, it's a welcome relief to play in the cool confines of the Sportsplex.

Why basketball, you ask? Well, besides being a blast to play, it's also a killer workout. Whether you're going at it with moderate intensity or pushing yourself to the limit, you'll be building strength, improving flexibility, and boosting your endurance with every dribble and shot.

But the Sportsplex isn't just about basketball. It's a hub of activity, offering a range of options. From volleyball and soccer to pickleball and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So why not mix it up and try your hand at a new sport while you're there?

There are also outdoor basketball courts at most of the parks in town so everyone can enjoy a nice game of basketball!

An inside look into the Hopkinsville Sportsplex!

Step into Fitness: Explore the Indoor Walking Trail at the Sportsplex!

Looking for a refreshing way to kickstart your day and stay active? Look no further than the Sportsplex in Hopkinsville! While it's well-known for its range of sports offerings, including basketball, volleyball, and soccer, there's another hidden gem waiting to be discovered: the indoor walking trail. And the best part? It is completely free from 8 AM- 12 PM.

Meandering around the perimeter of the soccer and basketball courts, the walking trail offers a perfect opportunity to get your steps in while enjoying some free entertainment. Who knows what exciting games and matches you might catch a glimpse of as you stroll along?

But it's not just about the sights and sounds; walking is an excellent form of cardio that can kickstart your metabolism and set a positive tone for the rest of your day. And in the brutal July heat, escaping indoors for a walk is a welcoming comfort.

So, why not lace up your walking shoes and take advantage of the Sportsplex's indoor walking trail? Whether you're a dedicated walker looking to log some miles or simply seeking a refreshing start to your day, it's the perfect way to stay active and beat the summer heat in Hopkinsville, Kentucky!

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